TFAM has launched an initiative under which researchers and students engaged in postgraduate research are granted a special viewing of our collection as part of their academic studies.
For those wishing to participate in this program, the form provided below must be filled out as instructed and submitted in advance.

Special Viewing Request for Researchers

Terms of Use for Special Viewing Program

Under the terms of this program, photographs taken for research purposes and use of images will be permitted, but limited exclusively to the objectives of use stipulated by the applicant in the application form. If the applicant should exceed or falsify the objectives of use as stipulated in the form, or uses images for purposes not authorized by TFAM, then permission will be revoked and the applicant denied future eligibility to the program.

Reference Materials for Purpose of Application

The applicant should submit materials or references that provide a general outline of the research being conducted and purpose of application.

Submission of Request Documents

The applicant should submit the Special Viewing Request for Researchers, as well as materials outlining research and purpose, by fax to: TFAM Department of Fine Arts (81-462-691-4623)
A TFAM representative will contact the applicant. Following the processing of the application, the applicant should send the entire set of application documents by conventional mail.