This program was established to help students from nursery school to high school when they use museums for extracurricular activities and learn about artworks. It offers a wide range of support, including work experience opportunities, assistance with various assignments, and museum tours.

InteractingWith Art POINT

We provide various interactive learning experiences based on genuine artworks, including thorough observations of pieces in the exhibition spaces and detailed studies of them like a curator.

CreatingArt POINT

We offer a variety of engaging experiences, including hands-on art creation activities, taking full advantage of the unique environment of a museum.

ConnectingThrough Art POINT

Through gallery talks, museum tours, work experience opportunities, and other hands-on learning experiences, the program aims to deepen understanding of the art museum field. These initiatives are designed to strengthen ties with individuals in our immediate community, as well as future generations, through art.


Work Experience
and Internships

Many local junior high and high schools utilize our work experience and internship opportunities. We provide opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences such as front desk and other customer service work, a curatorial activity in which students act as curators to research and explain works of art, and museum tours inside and outside the museum. Other activities are organized according to the curriculum and the interests of the participants.

School Assignments

This program helps with homework, assignments, free research, and more. The museum is equipped with free Wi-Fi for on-site research. For works in the permanent exhibition room, visitors can access QR codes on the captions to listen to audio descriptions of the artworks and artists. In addition, visitors can browse past exhibition catalogues and related magazines in the art library. Pamphlets and other educational services useful for independent study are also available. If you have any questions, please contact the nearest staff member.


Stamp rallies are normally held during the summer holidays at three museums in Hachioji City. These museums include the Murauchi Art Museum, the Hachioji Yume Art Museum, and the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. Those who visit all three museums and collect stamps are entitled to receive an exciting prize that includes unique merchandise from each museum. This popular event is supported by the Hachioji City Board of Education and others in cooperation with Nishi Tokyo Bus. Anyone is welcome to participate.

Information for Teachers

We offer programs for groups from nursery schools and kindergartens through elementary, junior high, and high school, as well as for teachers and staff.

School Visits

Our museum curators visit educational institutions, from nursery schools and kindergartens to high schools, to assist with classes and events.

Group Tour / Field Trip Inquiries

Visitors who would like to view an exhibition as a group can do so by contacting our Museum in advance. Group tours are also available for school field trips.



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INQUIRIESOther questions or concerns

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