The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of art history research in various fields and promoting its development based primarily on research on the works in its collection. As it expands its network with other art museums and researchers worldwide, the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum aims to become a hub for art history research. By sharing the results of its active research activities, the museum is creating a knowledge platform that benefits the field. With a commitment to its vision, the museum strives to realize a prosperous society by being an art museum that is open to all.

Main Initiatives

Collection, Organization, and Research of Literature and Archival Materials

The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum strives to collect, organize, and research a variety of publications and actual materials related to the works in its collection. Of particular importance is the organization and research of art-related archival materials that have been authored or researched by experts. This is considered one of the critical research activities directly related to maintaining the integrity of the research infrastructure.

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Research Journal MUSE

The museum consistently publishes its extensive research journal called MUSE, which features essays on cultural exchange covering contributions related to exchanges with various museums worldwide, essays on works in the collection, commentaries on masterpieces by researchers, essays by curators, records of the museum’s activities, and more.

Preparations for Opening an Art Research Institute

The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is gathering and organizing various materials related to the artwork in its collection as part of its efforts to establish an art history research center. In addition to enriching these materials, the museum is also providing training for curators and researchers. The goal is to establish an art research institute in the future, allowing for further depth and development of research activities.

Special Viewing Program for Research

The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum has implemented a special viewing program to support researchers and graduate students in their research endeavors. Additionally, efforts are being made to promote further studies on the works housed within the museum’s collection.