Nurturing Shared
Bonds of Creativity

Great works of art possess a timeless quality
that draws people together and inspires them toward greatness.
This is so because such works resonate
with a capacity for creativity and beauty
that is innate within each of us.

An artwork, then, is not a creation
that exists in and of itself, independent of those who view it.
Its beauty comes to life through the interaction
between the creative spirit of its creator
and this same creative spirit in the observer.

The finest examples of aesthetic imagination
awaken and animate this mutual capacity, summoning it forth.
This is the power of art to transcend differences
and draw people together,
inspiring and deepening recognition of
and respect for one another.

As we at TFAM continue to explore
the interconnectedness of art and humanity,
we recognize the importance of the perspective
Mr. Ikeda shared in a lecture at Harvard University in 1993:

It is only through fusing and merging ourselves
with the eternal—that which lies
beyond our finitude as individuals—that
we can manifest the full scale of our potential.
And yet that potential is not foreign to us,
but is of us, within us, and always has been.

When, through the influence of art,
we open a window onto the beauty
and creative potential of life,
we are transformed.
On the rich earth of this shared creative capacity,
dialogue and harmonious coexistence flourish.
This was Mr. Ikeda’s intention in establishing the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum;
it is what informs our every endeavor.


We have established four visions of the world we aspire to be
a part of and the initiatives we will take to achieve them.
These four visions are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
a worldwide movement.


Preserve and promote the artistic heritage of humanity

TFAM is committed to contributing to society by collecting and preserving art in all its manifestations,
recognizing it as the common heritage of humankind.
As well as exhibiting artworks,
we carry out research and investigation into these works.
In this way we aim to preserve and communicate the artistic spirit of the artists as well as to honor
and continue the painstaking work of those who have striven to protect and pass on great works to future generations.


Contribute to the betterment of society as an institution truly open to all

Our goal is that every visitor to TFAM will experience the utmost enjoyment and enrichment.
Our aim is to remove any obstacles which prevent people from interacting with art.
To this end, we work in close partnership not only with the local community
but with other cultural agencies and institutions around the world.
We have outreach initiatives to promote art appreciation in schools both in Japan
and other countries and remain a museum dedicated to the service of society.


Serving the cause of peace through art

Art has the power to unify,
to prevail over the mistrust, violence, and divisions that have riven our world.
We strive to create a space where all people can connect with
the shared innate creative spirit that transcends all differences.
In this way, by promoting cultural and artistic exchange,
we will contribute to laying the foundations for global peace.


Foster imagination and creativity through an appreciation of diversity

Encountering diverse value systems opens the door
to a greater appreciation of and respect for human diversity.
This in turn enhances the imaginative and creative faculties,
and what flows from this is an expanded capacity for empathy
as well as increased resilience.
This, in essence, is the kind of open place of learning TFAM aims
to be for people of all ages.