This program is designed to familiarize more people with museums and art. We hold various kinds of events such as lectures, concerts, gallery talks, and workshops.

InteractingWith Art POINT

We invite a diverse range of speakers from different fields to participate in various events, including gallery talks that involve interaction with participants and their works. We offer opportunities for people to experience art from a variety of perspectives, including online events.

CreatingArt POINT

We hold a variety of activities that involve hands-on experience, such as workshops that utilize the space of the art museum for creating crafts, and tea ceremony classes. The museum is enriched by the active participation of users and citizens.

ConnectingThrough Art POINT

We offer more people the opportunity to appreciate museums and art, spreading art into everyday life, communicating art to those around us, and connecting the next generation with art.


Online Program

The “Museum at Home”enables you to view past exhibitions and masterpieces from the museum’s collection online from the comfort of your own home. On the “YouTube Fujimi Channel”, you can watch movies introducing the museum, videos showcasing past exhibitions, and footage of events such as lectures. In addition, we regularly share highlights of exhibitions, introductions to artworks, articles about events and seasonal news, on various social media. Some events are also held online.

Lectures and Forums

At events aligned with exhibitions, we invite art historians, artists, creators, and others to hold special talks such as commemorative lectures and discussion forums.

Concerts and Narration Events

In conjunction with exhibitions, we hold family concerts and picture book-reading events during during summer vacations and other occasions.

Workshops, Tea Parties and Other Gatherings

We hold a variety of activities that utilize the space of the art museum and offer hands-on experience, such as craft-making and dance workshops, tea parties and tea ceremony classes.


Stamp rallies are held mainly during the summer vacation at three art museums in Hachioji City (Murauchi Art Museum, Hachioji Yume Art Museum, and our museum). By visiting the three museums and collecting the stamps, everyone can receive a special prize packed with original merchandise from each museum. A popular event supported by the Hachioji City Board of Education and others, with cooperation from Nishi Tokyo Bus Co., Ltd. Open to everyone.



The need for application varies depending on the event. Please check the web-pages for each event for detailed information.

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Inquiries about each program and other questions

If you have any questions or concerns about using the program, please contact us using the information below.

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If you have any questions about using the program, please contact us below.