Building Peace
Through Art

As stated in “Serving the Cause of Peace” article of Our Vision, the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is engaged in various peacebuilding initiatives.

Art has the power to unify, to prevail over the mistrust, violence and divisions that have riven our world. We strive to create a space where all people can connect with the shared spirit of innate creativity that transcends all differences. In this way, by promoting cultural and artistic exchange, we seek to contribute to the laying of the foundations for global peace.

SDGs and Revive Time: Kaki Tree Project

While engaging in the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum’s SDG initiative, we encountered the Kaki Tree Project and, finding profound resonance with its agenda, we were granted permission from the project organizers to plant a second-generation sapling of the miraculous tree on our grounds. It has since become the foundation from which we have organized many other related events.


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