Jan 1 The preparation committee is established
Nov 18 Groundbreaking ceremony


Apr 16 Mr. René Huyghe delivers a commemorative address at Soka University entitled,
“On the History of Modern Western Art”


Apr 28 Construction is completed
Jun 22 At the Jacquemart-André Museum, Mr. Huyghe presents Mr. Ikeda with the catalogue of works for the grand opening exhibition of the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, “Masterpieces of French Art” ; Mr. Huyghe is appointed honorary director of the museum
Nov 2 Museum’s opening ceremony
Nov 3 Grand public opening


Dec 4 The museum is approved as an incorporated foundation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Educators


Jun 1 The catalogue of “The French Revolution and Romanticism,” which would become the first official event to commemorate the Bicentennial of the French Revolution and Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, is presented to Mr. Ikeda at Paris City Hall
Oct 1 Ceremonial cherry tree planting for Mr. René Huyghe and Mr. Michel Baroin, President of the French Revolution Bicentennial Commission


Apr 5 Princess Chulabhorn Walailak of the Kingdom of Thailand and her husband the Prince of the Kingdom of Thailand, along with Prince and Princess Hitachi of the Imperial House of Japan, attend the opening ceremony of a special exhibition of photographs taken by His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum


Apr 27 Republic of Colombia First Lady Carolina Isakson de Barco, along with Prince and Princess Mikasa of the Imperial House of Japan, attends the opening ceremony of the “Colombian Gold Exhibition: Legendary Treasures of El Dorado” at Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
Jul 5 The museum receives the Foreign Minister’s Certificate from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sep 15 Mr. René Huyghe presents the museum with reproductions of two sculptures, Mars and Minerva, which stand at the main entrance of the Jacquemart-André Museum, and an unveiling ceremony is held
Sep 25 Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia attend the opening ceremony of “Treasures of Japanese Art from the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum Collection” at the National Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Sweden
Nov 13 An exchange agreement is made with Brazil’s São Paulo Museum of Art


Jul 5 Princess Alexandra of the British Royal Family attends the opening ceremony of “The Land of Gentle Smiles: Special Exhibition of Photographs by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand” at Taplow Court in the UK


May 10 The “last camera” that Robert Capa fondly used is presented to the museum by Director Cornell Capa of the International Center of Photography in New York


Apr 28 Cherry trees are planted to commend Director Jules Brassner of the Napoleonic Society of America and his wife for their contributions to the museum


Sep 26 The groundbreaking ceremony for the museum’s new wing is held


Feb 27 Construction of the museum’s new wing completed
May 3 The new wing opens


Jun 12 The museum concludes a cooperation agreement with the Italian Republic regarding the donation of Tavola Doria ( The Battle of Anghiari )


Apr 1 The museum is approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a public interest incorporated association


Nov 3 30-Year History of The Tokyo Fuji Art Museum is published


Nov 16 TFAM signs partnership agreement with the State Russian Museum


May 29 Hisako, Princess Takamado of the Imperial House of Japan, visits the “Samurai Dandyism” exhibition
Jun 10 The museum is approved by the Cabinet Office as a public interest incorporated association


Aug 25 The museum receives the Digital Archive Japan Award from the Practitioner Review Committee of the Digital Archive Japan Promotion Committee established by the Cabinet Office