Please refrain from visiting the museum if you fall under the following 1-3:

  • Those who have cold symptoms, such as a fever, coughing, sneezing, or runny nose. (Please note that for a visitor who shows a cold-like symptom: e.g., coughing intensely in a gallery, etc., museum staff may ask such a visitor to leave the room);
  • Those who have been in close contact in your home, workplace, or school with a person who is confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19;
  • Those who are not feeling well;

*Please note that to reduce crowded situation in the galleries, we may necessarily restrict the entry of visitors to the galleries. If the galleries are expected to be overcrowded, we may be compelled to refuse entry of visitors to the galleries. The status of admission restrictions will be notified on our website, SNS, etc.

We ask for your cooperation in performing hand hygiene.

As hand sanitizers are installed in the museum building, please apply sanitizer to hands when you need to.

Please refrain from talking at a close range.

We ask visitors to refrain from having conversations in the galleries as there is a risk of droplet infection.

All the museum staff takes the following countermeasures against infectious diseases:

  • The museum staff measures their body temperature daily to check their health status;
  • Cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation are carried out thoroughly in the museum building;
  • All rental items including wheelchairs are sanitized thoroughly;
  • In principle, we prohibit visitors from touching even the exhibits that are allowed to be touched;

Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that the schedules and programs are subject to change due to domestic and international circumstances. Please make sure to check an update on our website, SNS, etc. before you visit the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.